Advertising in China from Singapore 


By 2018, it is expected that the advertising economy of Singapore will be shrink by 2.2%. US and EU policy uncertainty, lethargic GDP and export weakness, all are contributing significantly to lower the confidence of the consumer


Online Advertising Channels In China

  1. BAIDU:

Making people think that the Baidu bidding methods and ads more or less is just like Google, it is true. The display network ads and the text search ads also work similar to Google.

Is it good?

Currently, in China, BaiDu owns the most powerful search network and display network. If someone wants to develop a campaign based on the query base advertising, then there is no better option than Baidu

2.    SOGOU:

As mentioned above that Baidu is almost same as Google in China. So, if there is Google and then there must be Yahoo as well and Sogou, regarding market share can be called as the Chinese Yahoo

Is it good?

The results might vary as per different people opinions because although Sogou is pretty good when it came to give a better ROI to advertisers, but the stats are not confirmed and varies from campaign to campaign

3.    WeChat

It is very hard to talk about advertising platforms in China if you ignore WeChat. With more than 750m people using it on daily basis, WeChat is a popular instant messaging tool, but it is tricky for a foreign business to run a paid advertising campaign on the WeChat platform especially if that business or brand is doing it without being registered in the China. The business must have at least one official account on WeChat and that has to be verified

Is it good?

If your advertising budget is good enough, then WeChat is one of the ideal platforms for your business to run advertising campaigns because advertising through WeChat is not cheap

4.    Sina WeiBo

WeiBo according to many people is the “Twitter” of China but the term “Weibo” basically means “micro blogging” and there is no company by the name of “Weibo” only. Actually, it is the Sina WeiBo that most of the Chinese people refer to and is a popular platform. Although there is another platform by the name of Tencent Weibo but that is not very much popular.

Is it good?

Sina Weibo should be considered by the businesses and brands to run their advertising campaigns because its reach can’t be ignored


Important Points Of Online Advertising In China From Singapore

Below are some of the characteristics, making Singapore an attracting region for different Chinese advertising companies:

  • Internet advertising business is growing with an annual rate of 10% which shows that the people living in Singapore in their digital technology use are very proficient
  • In other countries, business has to follow a lengthy procedure to get registered, but this is not the case in Singapore. It is very easy to register a business in Singapore and all the process is done in only few days
  • With the availability of 4G network almost everywhere in Singapore, the technological infrastructure is very rich and advanced
  • The workforce of Singapore is also very skillful.
  • The business language of Singapore is English which makes it very easy for the European and American companies to start operations


There is no doubt that a lot of attraction is involved in doing advertising from China in Singapore. In Chinese market, there is a strong hold of Singaporean advertisement market as well and much more can be done by exploiting the different online advertising platforms like Wechat, Baidu, Sina Weibo etc.



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