Google ADs Advertising

Google ADs Advertising  


Google ADs Advertising, also know as Pay Per Click (PPC) is a form of sponsored advertising offered by many websites, most especially search engines (notably Google), where advertisers pay only when online web users click their ads. This is why it is called ‘pay per click’.


Google PPC advertising can be likened to an auction. Advertisers anticipate keywords and phrases, relating to specific goods or services, that their target audience type into search fields. Google then allows advertisers to place bids on these keywords and phrases. Anytime a web user, like you, types a keyword into the Google search field that matches the advertiser’s keywords or visits a site for content with similar keywords, the PPC ad appears. For Google, PPC ads are usually displayed above the search results where it is first seen before anything else.


Why PPC Since Already Have SEO


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a radical ranking technique that, if done well, places your website in the first page of Google search results. As opposed to PPC, it is a lengthy method, albeit with great benefits.


However, little importance is given to magnificent site optimisation and relatable content these days, except you’re a big corporation like Nike, which ranks at the top of the first page of Google. If you own a small corporation, you may struggle to rank high for very competitive keyword searches. This is because competitive searches are hugely contended for by the big firms whose prospective customers only search for specific products. Furthermore, Google changes its algorithm frequently which may cause SEO techniques to be reviewed and changed from time to time.


How does PPC Differ?


PPC, unlike the tactical SEO, is a more predictable method of lead generation. Good cooperation with Google PPC advertising platform will almost definitely ensure you generate good leads that’ll earn you some money and for a long time.


Not to take anything away from SEO—you should definitely optimise your website—but in comparison to the wide exposure that PPC brings to your online business, PPC is the better option. The truth is, most or all of your big competitors employ PPC, why be left out? Everyone gains with PPC; the return on investment is simply incredible. Because with Google Adwords, having the highest bid doesn’t necessarily mean you get top ranking. Google considers the quality score of your advertisement as well, which is good news for SMEs running on minimal budget.


Why Google PPC Blooms in Singapore?


Google owns a market share of 97% in Singapore. More reasons why Google PPC Ads are great for you:


  1. Pay per Click. Unlike traditional advertising, you spend money hoping your intended target audience see your ad. With PPC, returns are certain, because you only pay when a web user engages your ad.


  1. Preference and Customisation. PPC allows you to target specific users online, in whatever location, at whatever time, and on any device. PPC’s location targeting is laser accurate and its device-preference function precise.


  1. Effective and Efficient. PPC advertising is preferred by many marketers in Singapore because it works fast and delivers instant results. In less than a minute, you can send targeted ads to thousands of people and get clicks faster than you expected.


  1. High ROI. Google PPC ads have never failed to make people money. The platform is guaranteed to give clicks and generate leads to sales. Provided you offer quality products or services, PPC will drive up conversions and increase your revenue.


  1. Offline Sales. With PPC ads, not only your online stores benefit. Sometimes, the leads you generate may not transact with you online; especially prospective customers who live close to your store location. PPC ads could go a long way in building traction for your physical stores.


  1. PPC data informs SEO. Google Adwords has statistical data that reveals what keywords convert well. It gives in columns data on monthly searches for keywords and presents charts that show upward or downward trend. This in a nutshell can drive an SEO campaign, making it easier to optimise content with keywords that pull traffic. With Google PPC, you can also test the reception of new products or services. The benefits are endless…


What we Offer?


We are a digital marketing agency that offers premium PPC campaign service. We guarantee efficient results and high ROI from your investments. If already launched a PPC campaign and it isn’t working just how you would like, allow us to run a PPC assessment for you. We will assume the position of your PPC ad and list out the main concerns of your campaign. However, if you haven’t delved into paid advertising yet, but now have an incline towards it, we can guide you. Simply fill in the form below with the vital information, and we will get in touch with a valuable quote that will revolutionise your online business.


Contact us now to discover how our premium pay-per-click (PPC) packages can catapult your business to first page of Google! 

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