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If you are living outside China but have a keen interest in this country, then you might already know the answer that what is WeChat but there are still many people outside China who are not familiar with WeChat. However, WeChat marketing in China, in general, is one of the top platform for marketing. WeChat can be called as the most significant phenomenon in China. Initially, it was launched as a simple messaging app, but they expanded it gradually and included more features with time. In starting days, WeChat was just used for sending voice messages and was a disruptive move in a country like China where typing characters can be inconvenient sometimes. Today WeChat has more than 700 million MAU (Monthly Active Users). Wechat enables the individuals and organizations to create “WeChat Official Accounts” to help them in promoting their brand or company. These official accounts to some extent can be called as a substitute to Facebook pages, and anyone can follow these accounts, and in return, they will be receiving push notifications from these brands or companies.

WeChat marketing to a large extent, can be called as the art of gaining followers to your account, making them engage and lastly converting them into potential customers through the bottom-menu


List Benefits of WeChat marketing in Singapore

If WeChat initially launched as only a messaging APP, it is now much more than that. Below are some of the benefits of WeChat marketing in Singapore


  • Message Broadcast 

Interacting with your customers through rich media, video, audio, images and texting

  • Auto Reply 

Automatic response with present messages – keyword auto-reply, welcome message and message auto-reply

  • User-Defined Menu 

Create 3 menus with each of them coming up to 5 sub-menus for forming a mini website.

  • Analytic 

To understand your better in better way, it tracks the new followers through message broadcast

  • Reach Massive Audience

They are expanding with a significant rate with currently having more than 700m active monthly users all over the world

  • Public Accounts

Several top businesses and individuals have created official public accounts which allow them in communicating with their followers by providing customer services and sharing news feeds through the app.

So, WeChat is not just a standard messaging app just like any other app, but a platform enables you to perform anything with ease

The Importance of Adopting WeChat Marketing

Below are some of the reasons and importance why companies and brands should consider adopting WeChat marketing


As mentioned earlier that WeChat has over 700 million active monthly users with 10% of them are living outside China, and these numbers are exceeding all other popular apps (Except Facebook), so this can be a perfect platform for the business to utilize due to the reachability of the WeChat.

WeChat Official Accounts

Unlike any other social messaging app, WeChat has official accounts that users can follow. Being a mobile application, any data, news, image put up on the official accounts of WeChat is expected to reach the millions of users sooner because nowadays almost everyone uses a smartphone. Similarly, these official accounts also allow two-way communications which reduce the distances and forges a lasting relationship.

Marketing to Chinese People

Millions of Chinese people have linked their credit cards to their WeChat accounts, and more than 80% of the users make payment through this app which can provide instrumental data to the companies on spending habits and preferences of the consumers. The world is driven by data nowadays, and WeChat can prove very beneficial for the brands to reach Chinese people globally. WeCaht also offers different tools of data analysis to the owners of the official accounts which can be another reason why one should adopt the WeChat marketing

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