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Wechat Subscription Account in Singapore 

Since WeChat is a relatively new platform for business organizations, people mostly don’t know about it. One of the fundamental questions that come to your mind is what kind of account you should choose. There are two types of WeChat accounts to choose from. The first one is WeChat Services Account. The Second one is WeChat subscription Account. Now, it is WeChat Subscription Account Singapore that we are here to guide you about.

WeChat Subscription Account Singapore: What is it?

When you are registered for WeChat account, as the organizer you can either choose WeChat Services Account or WeChat Subscription Account. You need to keep in mind that as an individual subscriber, you can only select WeChat subscription Account Singapore. Business organizations have an option between the two. Moreover, as a business organization, you also have another option to verify your official account to rank higher in search results and have access to more features of the platform.

WeChat Subscription Account is the most basic choice of official account. It enables you to push contents frequently to your followers. The broadcast manager can send one message per day. The followers of the account can see an update in the subscription area. So to sum it up, WeChat Subscription Account is very suitable for pushing contents. However, you have to keep in mind that it is not made for more advanced features.

Features of WeChat Subscription Account in Singapore:

Remember! You need to create an official account to use WeChat Subscription Account Singapore. WeChat Subscription Account Singapore is for businesses who want to push more frequent contents to followers. It is the only option for individuals. It enables you to broadcast one message per day. The material is displayed in the push content folder. There are no push notifications. You can reply to the message of your followers within 48 hours. Businesses must be verified for WeChat Subscription Account and must use API. There are no customer support menus for individuals. WeChat Subscription account does not provide support for payments.

Benefits of WeChat Subscription Account in Singapore:

WeChat Subscription Account Singapore can offer you many services. First of all, it allows you to push the contents more frequently as you can send one message per day. In services accounts, you have an option of doing this only once a week. This also enables you to divide your followers into sub-groups and send them targeted messages. WeChat Subscription Account Singapore has menus which are linked to websites. The customer service messages enable the user to reply to follower messages within 48 hours of the message.

Interestingly, for WeChat Subscription Account, which has been made in 2016 or later, you can go to the WeChat Public Account backend to change the type of the account to the Services Account. However, once you have upgraded to Services Accounts, you cannot upgrade further.


Among different accounts type, Subscription accounts are the only accounts which are open to individuals like celebrities, writers, or bloggers, which are the best choice for the brands, media and individuals that are information-orientated, or content based

From their main feed, the subscription accounts page is not visible, where they are spending most of their time browsing and scrolling

A search engine for the public accounts of WeChat is unveiled by which, rather than service accounts, is only listing content from the public subscription accounts of WeChat. Today, this search engine is not used popularly and in order to make it more popular, WeChat has to make the subscription accounts much more attractive.

A potential reason for choosing a subscription account is the new scheme of ads for the public accounts of WeChat. At this stage, the revenue generation is a bit limited from the scheme, but profit can be made from the subscription accounts as they can post on a regular basis.


If you have a business and you are looking for a platform to pitch it to a broader audience, WeChat Subscription Account Singapore is the right platform for you. It enables you to contact your followers frequently. It gives a diverse population to reach to. Additionally, it provides you the facility to upgrade to services account in case you want to switch. WeChat Subscription Account is one of the best you can get.

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