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What is Weibo?

By the dictionary definition, Weibo means microblog, and it is one of the leading and extensive social media podium in China. When the two social networking sites, Twitter and Facebook were banned in China, Weibo came into limelight. This micro-blogging site provided the flow of safe and secured content, unlike Facebook and Twitter. Weibo’s introduction in 2009 was very crucial for the fate of China’s social networking because with the restriction on Facebook and Twitter; there has to some platform to support microblogging.

Sina Weibo gained immense popularity among the Chinese public after three years of its inauguration. The statistical evidence concludes that in 2012, this microblogging site had 503 million listed users. This site is unique because it amalgamates the versatility of both Facebook and Twitter.

The relationship between the individual who writes the post and the one who reads the status/post is one way. It means that if you are the blogger you can’t be followed, and the reader can only like, share and comment on your posts.

Sina Weibo allows you to share more comprehensive posts on the platform as you can also unveil your personal information. In Sina Weibo, you are actively reading and commenting on other’s posts. In contrast to Twitter, this site inclines more personal interest rather than the interest over political organizations and institutions.

Weibo reflects the role of government intervention and monitoring over the content that you post on the social media sites. Although there are certain limits to what you can share and post on Weibo, you still get a permitted online setting where you have freedom of speech. In essence, Weibo, allows you to represent the Chinese society where there is a cooperation between you and the government over what are your limitations are and how far you can push them.

Advantages of Weibo marketing

Weibo marketing rates are not too high, and that’s why this site allows you to select a suitable Weibo marketing tool to operate Weibo adverting to spread a specific business idea. Through Weibo marketing, you can establish business ideas in coherence keeping in mind common interests of the users on Weibo.

Some of the main advantages of WeiBo marketing are discussed below:

  • Builds brand awarenessThe wide range of different Weibo campaigns gives businesses more effective and practical options for reaching their target audience. You can take the example of Repost or Content Collection campaign. In this type of campaign, the users will repost any updates or your company’s news by default by joining this type of campaign. In result, leads can be generated, and your brand exposure can be widened


  • PersonalizationCreative Campaigns of Weibo attract more people to participate in your campaign. Your brand can become more appealing with creative contents. You can take the example of Fendi which in 2013 launched a Weibo campaign called as “Fendi Play with Colors”. Weibo users were invited to Fendi’s Weibo page by Fendi to vote for their favorite color. Due to this campaign, the brand activity was increased by 44% and 4,547 reposts were also accumulated


  • Influencer MarketingYou can add a personal touch to the brand or business by Interacting with social influencers.  You can borrow their halo effect for using it for your personal brand. New Zealand Tourism in 2011 signed Yao Chen (A Chinese actress) in mainland China as their brand ambassador. At that time, she was having more than 40m followers and New Zealand profile was significantly raised among the Chinese people due to her social media activity. New Zealand’s Weibo page also received more than 20,000 referrals due to this activity.


The reason Weibo has the upper hand over Facebook and Twitter is that it allows the promotion of such advertising that fosters interaction between you and the marketers. This site has long banner ads and those ads that are not market well, they lose their importance among you.

Weibo has become an inseparable part of you. You can hardly live without shopping and find jobs through it. With so much information regarding your usage is present, the marketers by looking at your common interests can effectively target their products or services with many conveniences.

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