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Wechat Mini Program in Singapore 


What is WeChat Mini Program?


WeChat Mini Programs are simply WeChat applications. They are technically low-bit applications, with a simpler build up than native applications. Although different, mini programs function just like ‘real’ apps. Mini programs are not downloaded on any app store. To find a mini program, you simply look it up on WeChat or scan its QR code from a street ad.


An ecommerce store, WeChat mini program is an application supported by WeChat which allows users like you and I access without downloading or installing. This means you can open WeChat mini programs by simply searching or scanning the QR code. WeChat mini programs are so optimised that they cancel out the need for installation.


Mini-programs are now being used on an increasing scale in Singapore. Why is this so?


Benefits of WeChat mini program in Singapore


  1. Need not download to mobile phone: This means that WeChat mini programs do not have to be downloaded or installed before they can be accessed. You can have them on your phone at an instant by searching or scanning QR codes.


  1. Offline Usage: As an extra to mini-programs operating without installation, WeChat mini programs can be used offline. Mini programs are, in general, light apps. You can access them wherever you go and whenever you want. The ease of WeChat mini program applies to its deletion function. If you do not want a mini program anymore, you can simply delete it from WeChat as though it were a message.


  1. E-commerce conversions: Although, there was a preference for Web-apps by companies due to WeChat Subscriptions Accounts which allowed push notifications, there was a drawback in the unavailability of hyperlinks. What this meant was that advertisers couldn’t link their articles to products. With Mini programs, this ceased to be a problem. If you’re an advertiser, you can now link articles from subscription accounts to mini programs, converting content to ecommerce instantly, and therefore boosting conversion rates.
  2. Huge Market: In the first quarter of 2017, it was estimated that mini programs had a combined number of 900 million monthly active users, both existing and prospective. The market for mini programs has been growing ever since. As an advertiser or influencer, you can greatly benefit from that market.


  1. Cost-effective: This is a major argument in relation to comparison with native applications. WeChat mini programs trump native apps, not only because they don’t have to be installed, but because they are relatively cheaper to set up. Also, because they can be accessed easily, anywhere and anytime, promotion is inexpensive and cost-effective. You save a whole lot more by investing in WeChat mini programs, especially in Singapore.


Mini Programs for Business Marketing in China


The benefits mini programs being implemented in business marketing in China are:


  • WeChat’s popularity can easily be used in opening up opportunities for interactive ecommerce in China.
  • The prohibition of Google play store in China could be the breakthrough for WeChat mini programs
  • SMEs can benefit from the ease of creating mini programs especially for those with no technical coding expertise.
  • Prospective customers on M-commerce can be directed to WeChat Official accounts of the business they transact with.


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